We are an ever-changing multimedia platform delivering art through experiences. We live by this equation:


We showcase all types of art, by our artists and other artists, so everyone has a place to express their work.


Whether it's digitally or physically, we work to give new perspectives and knowledge through experiences.


We work to increase the importance of quality, creativity, and artistic value in order to impact individuals and the art industry.


Within the workplace and as individuals, we value:

  • Inclusivity

    • We believe everyone deserves a seat at the table. We strive for a workplace and community with zero hate. Thriving on love and respect.

  • Innovation

    • We think... nonstop. We love what we do and it may seem as if we're crazy, but we're just extremely passionate about what we believe in. 

  • Integrity

    • We ensure honesty, fairness, and positivity in our actions and words. We do what we do because of our passion not because of what we could gain.

  • Collaboration

    • We are a team of open-minded individuals that work to create and express our ideas.​