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At the end of 2017, we promised to bring more to the world in 2018. And we kept our word. Nite X has grown this year, and we have been given plenty of opportunities.

In March, we had the chance to display artwork at the 2018 Feminist Summit in Florida International University. We introduced new perspectives on the challenges that women face. The artwork was intended to unify everyone towards gender inclusivity. Check some of the artwork below and more here.

During the summer, we began our blog. Here, we showcase upcoming creatives, playlists, new music, and, of course, yearly reviews. Check the featured artists below:

In late August, we released our first film series, Assembly (it has been removed, coming soon). Episodes are standalone and conceptual. They are to be watched with the designated playlist on a laptop or computer. Here are some behind-the-scenes shots from it:

Lastly, in November we added new members to the Nite X creative team. Our two new creatives are Madison Everett and Juanyae Stallings. Madison Everett is a photographer, editor, and graphic designer based out of New Jersey. Juanyae Stallings is a photographer and creative director based out of Kansas City. Below is some artwork by the team from these last couple of months:

With the growth and success of this year, we were able to give you even more art than expected. We hope that Nite X introduced you to new perspectives, creatives, music, and more throughout this year. Our mission has always been to impact art by showcasing it in a way that you can experience it. And you have given us the opportunity to do so.

So as the end of the year gift to you, the Nite X creative team curated a playlist of their 100 favorite songs from this year. (The playlist actually has 105 songs because music is amazing). Listen below on Apple Music or Spotify.

In 2019, we hope to continue expanding and expose you to new art. We will bring you more quality and creativity through art.

May 2019 bring you strength, passion, and fortune.

Happy holidays and have a happy new year.

Thank you,

Nite X

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