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As a tradition, we release our yearly review and showcase the company's growth and accomplishments. This year has been full of slow yet big steps. Nite X is only two years old and in a few days, it will be three years old.

We started the year off with two new team members, Juanyae Stallings and Madison Everett. We finished the rest of season 2 of our Nites. As per usual, each one has a different story behind it. Check some of the artwork below and more here.

We were still showcasing upcoming artists and new music throughout the year. In the summer, we expanded the way we showcased our Next Up artists. We started doing live interviews on our IG. In less than a month, we were booked for the next four months. Below are some of the artists that we showcased throughout the year:

In late August, Madison Everett became our COO (Chief Operations Officer). We had a small networking event for creatives where they could utilize a studio and meet other artists while at work. For those who missed it, it's okay more of these will come but for now, check out some work that was created at the event:

Now, we know we haven't released much ever since November and there's a reason for it, of course. We've been working hard on our new projects for 2020. As much as we want to spill the beans right now, we love growing the suspense.

Personally, I'd like to thank everyone for supporting and/or creating with us. Thank you for letting us showcase art, whether it was yours or not, and thank you for checking it out. Of course, the more support, the more we can grow and the more we can achieve internally and externally thanks to you.

Our mission for this year is to, again, continue to grow but to deliver new and different experiences.

Lastly, as per usual, our end of the year gift to you is a curated playlist of 100+ favorite songs from this year. Feel free to take six hours of your day and reminisce (lol). Listen below on Apple Music or Spotify.

Once again, thank you for the support, art, being creative, and growing with us. 2020 will be filled with new experiences and we are so excited to show you what we have in store.

Cheers to a new year and a new decade. More growth, optimism, drive, creativity, and art.

"Art changes people, people change the world."

-John Butler

Happy holidays and have a happy new year.

Thank you,

Nite X

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