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"The Garden" by Pierre Casso


Best New EP: "The Garden" by Pierre Casso

As days go by, we are continuously reminded of who we are. And that's exactly what upcoming artist Pierre Casso aimed to do with his new EP, "The Garden".

Pierre Casso introduces himself on "The Garden" by expressing his beliefs and worries through honesty. The project easily portrays a revamped version of conscious rap.

He states, "The Garden" can provide a feeling of familiarity; in some cases, I feel it's what many people are thinking, playing on the human aspect of, well, being human."

The start of Pierre Casso is best compared to the rise of J. Cole. Not only are they similar in sound but they both focus on music solely. Pierre is slowly proving to the world that promotion can be used differently or, maybe, not at all.

Soon to be graduating college, we're very excited to hear or see what Pierre does next with his art.

Listen to "The Garden" below.

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