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"Refresher" by Analicia Lasett & Maxxine


Best New Single: "Refresher" by Analicia Lasett & Maxxine

This week Maxxine and Analicia Lasett caught our attention with “Refresher”. Produced by DJ Kenz and Nicky Darko, the track combines their personalities smoothly. From Maxxine's sensual voice and hums to Analicia Lasett raps about moving on with someone new, the track softly screams sexual freedom.

Maxxine states "she flowed so effortlessly and on beat. It’s always cool to see someone do their verse in one take. Between that, and watching Nicky mix everything it was really beautiful. I had never worked with a female engineer before, let alone a female artist in general."

The music video, produced by Luis Rivera, was also released with the track. Watch here.

Maxxine is currently working on creating more music of her own, as well as Analicia. We're definitely excited to hear more from the both of them.

Listen to "Refresher" below.

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