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Pierre George Creates

Pierre George, Stylist, Director, Creative Director, Creates for Nite X. Shot by Madison Everett
Pierre George shot by Madison Everett


Being a stylist isn't about style or who/what you have on. It's about how you're wearing clothes. But, best of all, it's about storytelling and delivery. And that's what Pierre George reminds us in his work.

We sat down with Pierre after a shoot by Madison Everett. We spoke about the art of storytelling through style and the importance of visuals and music. Pierre transforms styling into creative direction. With inspirations coming from all over, he organizes it into one visual to execute a story.

In his "& I Create" feature, he explores the many ways he gains inspiration and who he is. Explore below:

Photography by Madison Everett

Styling by Pierre George

Video by La Reinarde

Song: Choqlate Boy by Parallelephants(Apple Music / Spotify)

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