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NITE 026: Human(e)

We haven't released a 'Nite' in a little over 8 months. We've been working through the many obstacles from this year.

Plus, this was the first year expressing myself as 'La Reinarde', so I wanted to give thanks to those I was able to document and give a small experience to souls I have yet to touch.

With that in mind... When reading 'me' or 'I'; refer to yourself:

There was a tree planted one day. Water was poured on it. Days go by, it starts to grow, and branches start to stem from it. I opened my eyes.

I am a branch. I am not a tree. The other branches are different from mine. Some were tall, and some were short... A mixture of different shades, combinations, and plenty more... But all these little things didn't define their branch nor did it define mine. I realized I am different. No one will fully understand what's going on in my head...

Yet, we come from the same seed but we experience differently. I always have to remember this. This way I can keep my humanity intact, despite what the masses may try to instill in me. I have conversations to unify, not to separate. I self-reflect to grow. I spread love as much as I embody it.

I am free.

I am human(e).



Photography by La Reinarde

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