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NITE 023: Take Flight

Imagine this: 

You buy an airplane ticket. You board the airplane. You walk in and put your carry-on away. You sit on your seat (which is a window seat, because that’s the best seat). You put your phone on airplane mode. The plane departs and you’re up in the sky. After moments of silence, reading books, listening to music, or whatever you enjoy doing, the plane lands. 

Now, why are we telling you this? Because of two things:

1: Your decision to go on the trip. 

2: The process you went through because of it.



Boarding this hypothetical airplane is like the very moment that you acknowledge that nothing can stop you. At some point in life, all types of excuses disappear and you finally decide to follow your dreams or face your fears. This brings you through a long journey but it's proof that you believe in yourself and that you're brave. You learn about yourself and your surroundings. Eventually, through all the commotion that you committed to for the sake of your passion, you land.

We hope this pushes you to do what you love and/or face your fears, whether that is starting a business, going skydiving, or telling someone you love them. Hop on the plane and take control of your life.

Side note: The playlist is great for an actual plane ride. Enjoy!




Model: Asiri, @3amasiri

By La Reinarde

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