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NITE 024: Moments

The saying “enjoy the moment” constantly resurfaces but how is it possible to enjoy a moment when you know it is inevitable that it will be gone in time? As cliche as it may sound, it’s the moments that seem so fleeting compared to all the time we are given that we seem to remember the most vivid like a smile across a room, a sunset walk, or a child’s laugh. These photos encompass “moments” passing but lived through. Ingrained in memory as simple times, each photo is explained below:

The little girl was a day in NYC with my mom and the air was just starting to warm up so everyone came out to enjoy the crisp air and sunshine. Kids were running throughout the fountain. This little girl, in particular, didn’t know whether or not to venture out into the center of it. She hesitated and the innocence radiated off of her as she made the run toward the middle. She never lost her smile which reminded me that although life can be scary, it’s important to go forth with hopefulness and positivity.

The walkway was a day in Charleston, SC. It was about 77° and beyond this walkway was a lake where sailboats sailed and bikers made their way down the dirt path. It was a moment that reminded me to enjoy the view. Stop looking down at a screen or through a lens and enjoy what was in front of me and the warmth that it flooded the air with.

Father and son: another cold day in NYC. Life was hectic at the time but this meetup was put together for creatives to showcase their talents and connect with others quite like them. This man is a photographer and he brought his son; their bond was unbreakable. Their love was stronger than most I’ve seen. This frame captures the happiness that comes with being in love with something or someone & that joy it brings you to be in their presence.

The Oculus, NYC: the Oculus was built after 9/11 and is a beautiful piece of architecture with excellent curves and shadows to highlight the way it catches the light.

Every one of these photos taught me something and did so because I took the time to enjoy the moment and learn something from the time I spent with the present. Life seemed fuller and richer because the small details that are often ignored were highlighted. Enjoy and capture moments. Take time to yourself and enjoy your surroundings and those you surround yourself with. Enjoy the little things in life. Be present within it, and take time to breathe in and breathe out.



By Madison Everett

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