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NITE 021: Escape

Labels are used to define, categorize, and separate us every day. Of course, we know they can't just disappear in the blink of an eye as much as we wish they could. But, what we can do is acknowledge the one universal truth: We are only human.



Imagine a place where color, race, gender, sex, age, or whatever it may be, actually bring us together. A place where discrimination and prejudices aren't allowed. A place where we can escape to and be ourselves freely and willingly. 

We hope you enter this imaginative world where this and anything is a possibility.

Enjoy the playlist and visuals below and dance in front of the mirror, be yourself happily and escape reality.




Directed by La Reinarde.

Produced by La Reinarde and Christopher Downs.

Models: Daphne Lux, Ally Moyer, Sam Pawlowski, Christopher Downs, and Dreina Bautista.

Song: "Adult Swim" by Zaniyah.

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