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NITE 020: Bodies

We struggle. We hate. We judge. We pick our flaws. For years, women have been watched under a careful eye to look or be a certain way; whether it is what they wear, how much they weigh, how their mannerisms should be. Society has created a mold through social media, and worldly beliefs that we should “fit” in.



As everyone grows, there comes a time in life where we experience a moment of doubt within ourselves. We start to notice those around us more than we used to, which leads to the showers, standing in front of the mirror pinching ourselves, observing our bodies for what they look like rather than what they truly are. It leads to the meals where we sometimes hold ourselves back from something sweet or another fry. Truth is, we get one vessel. One vessel to dwell in, take care of, and appreciate throughout the years we live. One vessel that puts in more work throughout one day than we ever will in our lifetime, just to make sure our heart is pumping. 

Loving your body is not an easy task but it is not impossible; neither is anything in life. You have to start separating yourself from others because the truth is they are just as worried about themselves as you think they are about you. Enjoy the art and music below and spend your energy taking care of your body, nurturing it, feeding it, strengthening it. 



Model: Madison Everett

By Madison Everett

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