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NITE 018: New Perspective

Life is many things: sometimes it can be great, sometimes it can be a disaster. But it's a constant roller coaster.

You wait for so long in a line shoulder-to-shoulder with strangers or familiar faces and make friends along the way that are on the same path to the same goal. As you're working your way to the front, you have periods of time where you breeze through and periods where you stop and wait for a while.

When you finally get to the front, you eye your seat on the ride and take it. You're finally where you need to be and the adrenaline starts pumping. You wait for the words to brace yourself and you're off. You reach your highest points and your lowest. If you keep the right mindset, you will always enjoy the ride because the lows always bring the highs and the unexpected twists always work themselves out.



Why was a roller coaster analogy involved? Because life needs to be shown in a new perspective through the highs and lows in order to grow. More than often, times get too dark to see the light and the future gets too bright one forgets to find shade. It’s important to have a balance but keep a strong headspace. Whether you realize it or not, you are not only the support system for yourself but to those around you.

The film shown below has become a large part of Madison's life and has opened many doors for her, including being able to see everything in a new light. Once the moment is captured, she cannot see it right away. It's the waiting that is the best part because it makes the end result even better. 

Compiled in the playlist below are an array of emotions humans go through that aren't always consistent but always felt. Listen to the words carefully and let yourself feel. Find new ways to view your surroundings and the people who help you evolve every day.



By Madison Everett

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