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NITE 017: Chromesthesia

Chromesthesia is a type of synesthesia known to be when an individual hears a sound that their brain then immediately relates it to color. You cannot adapt to have this. It is, in fact, something that you are born with. Although, there are many forms of this that artists and creatives have. It may be something that they discover early on or something that they find later on in their life. 



Despite whether you have it or not, art speaks to us in a kind of language that none of us have a name for but we all understand. This can fall under any medium but when an individual finally finds the medium that speaks directly to their soul, their mind can almost relate it to unearthly things. For many, chromesthesia sounds very outrageous and unreal but it’s that exact thing that separates you from the next. 

If you find an art form that speaks to you, let it color your world. Submerge yourself in it and let it paint a picture with every stroke you take, shutter you click, a film you wind, or chord you play. Let yourself get lost in the art you produce or see and stay hopeful that others see the color that you have taken the time to create. So enjoy the playlist and connect with the art. 



By Madison Everett

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