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NITE 016: Human

We wrap ourselves around unnecessary matters on a daily basis that probably won't even matter in a year or two. There are many things out there that are used to disconnect us all when in reality, we all breathe the same air. Instead, we should be living and loving. We should be focusing on what makes us happy and useful. We should be enjoying and benefiting humanity because we are all a part of it. 



The playlist contains songs that make you reflect on your life and the way you live it. Hopefully, it changes your perspective on what's truly important in life. So, connect with the inner you. Take a minute and realize that we are just specks of dust on this beautiful Earth. Go on a walk and breathe. The world is yours and ours. What you make of it is what you take out of it. But don't ever forget that you are only human. 




Model: Sam Pawlowski, @sfinessin

By La Reinarde

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