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NITE 015: Where Are You?

"Where are you?" : a question often used when speaking about a location or directions to a certain destination. What is often overlooked is the deeper intellectual meaning of it. Where are you mentally, physically, or emotionally? Are you in love? Are you home? Are you across the world? Are you happy? Are you depressed?



There is an importance in knowing where you are not just physically but mentally. People frequently find themselves caught up in their everyday lives without taking a moment to lose themselves in their consciousness. By doing this, one is given the opportunity to really find where they are.

It's important to find where you are as it benefits you currently and futuristically. In order for you to grow, you must find where exactly you’d like to be and feed those thoughts into reality. So on that note, enjoy the music and visuals and let the fear or happiness take over. Submerge yourself in a place you'd never thought you’d be but have now entered.




Model: Jaret Petersohn

By Madison Everett

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