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NITE 012: Thinking Creatively

Nowadays people are hung up on being present in the exact moment they are living, but in fact, the greatest challenge is allowing yourself to imagine, dream, create, and feel. Allow your mind to see the abstract picture of life. Everyone sees everything differently, which is the most extraordinary thing about our brains. We each live in a vessel that we label as our bodies but our brains are all entirely different and process every tiny thing different than the person standing next to you in line at the grocery store.



Within these three pictures encompasses “Thinking Creatively” in three entirely different views and emotions going into one concept. The playlist includes songs that challenge you mentally to see the bigger picture of what is in front of you daily. Whether that is hearing the smallest note change, riff, or beat, take what you hear and develop an image or scene in your head.

That being said, the release is the most important part. Letting go is what will allow you to think creatively. Borders do not exist and allowing yourself to feel the music will lead you to the larger picture.



By Madison Everett

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