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NITE 009: Alive Again

We focus on the beauty of sunrises and sunsets. When we look at them, we forget everything which creates that "mind stillness". Sunrises wake us up, while sunsets prepare us for the nighttime. Both are therapeutic and refreshing. They remind us about being human and make us feel alive again. 



The visuals convey the effect sunrises and sunsets have on our surroundings. Some of the images were inspired by songs from the playlist. The cover is inspired by the first song, "Eyes On Fire" by Blue Foundation. Additionally, the first half of the playlist is for sunrises while the second half is for sunsets. "Sunsets, Pt. 1" and "Sunsets, Pt. 2", both by SG Lewis, stand as the interlude. This Nite was created for you to remember to get out of your brain once in a while.




By La Reinarde

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