Alternative R&B Singer/Songwriter

Origin: Miami, FL

Photography by Dreina Bautista

Originally from Montreal, but raised in Miami, Zaniyah brings an R&B twist that we oh so desperately need. Earlier this month, she released her fourth project, "Eye to I". Additionally, she recently introduced her own talent showcase for upcoming artists, Plugged-In Miami. So it was a must that we meet her. Learn more about her below:

Describe Zaniyah in five words:

Wild, loud, playful, sexy, and fun.

Photography by Dreina Bautista

How long have you been doing music?

I've been doing music since I was 6 years old, subtract that with 23, haha. I've always been into music. I went to music school. I sang opera and jazz. I've just been loving music since I was a child honestly.

When did you start?

At 6 years old, just singing and making my voice stronger. I didn't start making actual music till I was like 13/14.

What does "Eye to I" mean to you being that it’s your fourth project?

I feel like this is the project that's going to change things for me and it's going to be kinda like an "all eyes on me" phase so I decided to call it "Eye to I" because of what it portrayed. I feel like since it's my forthcoming and there's a whole lot of catalog to look through that it's going to change something in my future.

Any artists that have always inspired you?

Björk and Kid Cudi. That's my mom and my dad. She's the queen of sound and he's the king of emotions. And I try to embody them whenever I write something.

Photography by Dreina Bautista

What is Plugged-In Miami for those who don’t know?

Plugged-In Miami is going to be a great open mic showcase for whoever wants to come, which includes poets, comedians, and actual artists. They will get to showcase their talent and do whatever they feel like needs to be seen with the world. We're open to the public for anyone to join and there will be a sign up at the door so hopefully, people come through and show us that talent.

How do you aim to make an impact?

That's a good question... There's a lot of ways to make an impact. I don't want to try to make an impact. I just want someone to feel better from listening to my music, whether it's helping them with their loneliness or sadness or whatever they're going through. Just to hear my music and feel more positive. So whatever impact I give, because I don't really control that, and I don't really care for it, I just hope it's positive.

What are you currently listening to?

"Attraction" by Lance Skiiiwalker (Listen on Apple Music or Spotify)

"Lucy (feat. Odie)" by Still Woozy (Listen on Apple Music or Spotify)

"Honeycomb" by Kadhja Bonet (Listen on Apple Music or Spotify)

Don't forget to listen to "Eye to I" on Spotify or Apple Music. And check her out on Instagram.

Photography by La Reinarde.