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Music Producer

Origin: Lawrence, NJ

Next Up : spaulv for Nite X. Artwork by Dreina Bautista


Pronounced phonetically, spaulv created his name from the combination of his full name, Sebastian Paul Vargas. The young producer from Lawrence, NJ grew up listening to classic rock like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. As a very curious child, the desire to learn more was always in his mind.

Growing up with a father who had his own at-home studio full of equipment pushed his curiosity. Throughout the years, he would receive some of his father’s old gear along with essential equipment as gifts. He saved up for his first electric guitar at 10 years old. He became a self-taught guitarist due to the fact that he did not like taking lessons because it felt more like homework compared to practice to him. This forced him to explore sound on his own terms.

Next Up : spaulv for Nite X. Artwork by Dreina Bautista

But that self-discipline is what gave him a different type of artistic expression. What also pushed him to expand his knowledge were cassettes and Pandora Radio. Cassettes gave him the chance to listen to the music of his own taste as long as the cover art was cool. Pandora Radio introduced him to other genres, specifically hip-hop and electronic, which gets us to where he is right now.

Playing around with equipment and learning from his own experiences, Vargas dove into music production at the age of 14. With current inspirations from the prominent deadmau5 and the versatile Erick Arc Elliott from the Flatbush Zombies, Vargas produces a music style different from your daily sound.

Next Up : spaulv for Nite X. Artwork by Dreina Bautista

Additionally, Vargas is an amateur film photographer. In most cases, his photographs (of film or iPhone) and drawings usually end up as cover art giving him the ability to portray the essence of his music. His versatile music taste ultimately sets him apart from other artists. Vargas has the capability of producing genre-blending and bending tracks.

The mixture of alternative and electronic are heard in “I Don't Know Why You Don't Wannu” and in the smooth ambiance of “Roach Lips”. In “Pure Leaf”, he combines electronic and hip-hop with the use of the organic vibraphone and machine-like trap hats. On “K.I.S.S.”, his use of vocal sampling produces a melancholic ambiance that makes you question what he will do next with his sound.

Next Up : spaulv for Nite X. Artwork by Dreina Bautista

He wants to remain as an anonymous artist in order to force his listeners to experience his art without judgment. Ultimately, he is working towards an organized combination of his music and photography in order to showcase a better-narrated story.

We asked spaulv what he is currently listening to. The songs are listed below:

"Megalomania" by Black Sabbath: 

Listen to it on Apple Music or Spotify.

"On A Farm" by Joy Again: 

Listen to it on Apple Music or Spotify.

"Darkroom" by Paul McCartney:

Listen to it on Apple Music or Spotify.

Don't forget to give him a listen on Spotify or Soundcloud below:

Artwork by Dreina Bautista

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