Saint Alexvnder


Origin: Guyana/New Jersey

Photography by Dreina Bautista

Saint Alexvnder, a 21-year-old Guyana native residing in New Jersey, began producing music a little over a year ago. He released his debut project, "Beautiful Chaos", nearing the end of 2018, and recently, he just graduated college. Learn more about the producer from New Jersey below.

Were you influenced musically in any way while living in Guyana?

While I was there, I actually hated dancehall and soca. I listened to a lot of Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, and Rise Against. I think listening to that more influenced my sound now because it's a lot darker, especially MCR.

Photography by Dreina Bautista

What made you want to start making music?

My friend Prince has been making music for a while, so I was just hanging around with him while he's recording and making beats. And just being in that environment and suggesting stuff to him made me realize that I can do it myself. And I was a big fan, well I still am, of Kanye. I was listening to a podcast and hearing people break down his music and how he made it was really interesting to me. So I guess that's why I started.

So did you already have an existing knowledge of how to produce?

I just knew theory because I used to play piano as a kid. But as far as producing, I had no idea.

Are there any artists that inspired you?

Kanye will always be number one, My Chemical Romance but more recently, Travis and Metro.

Photography by Dreina Bautista

How so?

Just their type of beats. A lot of their songs are in minor keys because minor just gives you a darker sound. I've never done a song in a major key, not by choice but that's just what comes to me.

How do you set yourself apart?

As far as the sound goes, I want to create something different because right now all of the songs that are coming out follow this mold. I like artists like James Blake or Bon Iver because they don't care about structure or the radio, even Kanye with Yeezus. I just want to share a new sound but at the same time show people that you don't need the radio. You don't need a label or the industry behind you.

On top of your debut album, you graduated from college. So what's next for you?

Keep putting more stuff out, working with more artists, and building my fanbase. This year we already have planned out.

Lastly, what are you currently listening to?

Blueface, a lot Travis Scott, The Neighborhood and Bon Iver.

Don't forget to listen to his debut album, "Beautiful Chaos", on Spotify or Apple Music. Check him out on Instagram.

Artwork by La Reinarde.