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Demetric Beirne

Photographer and Videographer

Origin: Perth Amboy, NJ

NEXT UP : Demetric Beirne. Model: @taylord.jae
Model: @taylord.jae

October's Next Up artist is the 21-year-old photographer and videographer Demetric Beirne. The New Jersey native is currently working on filmmaking and amateur journalism. Learn more about him below. 

What made you get into photography?

Well, hmmm that's a tough one. Looking back I’ve always stopped to take pictures on my phone whenever I'd go on adventures with my cousin. It was always right there, you know? But it wasn't until I was invited out to a party in the summer of 2016 and I brought my camera. And I loved it, getting turnt or mellowing out to a vibe, I was capturing moments and meeting dope people. That's what got me into it but it has morphed into loving different perspectives. I'll climb, hang, jump, or crawl for any shot I feel that I need to capture. ​

NEXT UP : Demetric Beirne. Model: Misel Gilbert
Model: Misel Gilbert

What are some of your inspirations? Any specific favorite photographers?

Ahhh SO many. When I first starting shooting, I didn’t really have any favorite photographers. I wasn’t really aware of the huge world that it is. But eventually, I stumbled upon Peter McKinnon on Youtube and I loved his work. After shooting with friends and going out to a few Instagram photography meetups in New York City, I met some of my favorite photographers; some are my peers and friends: The talented Andre PierreRob SimmonsJosé AbreuChris Mathews, Sara FalcoSaeed Bolden, Misel GilbertKristen Rae Miranda, David Suarez, and that's just to name a few.

NEXT UP : Demetric Beirne. Model: @ivyblackshire
Model: @ivyblackshire

What makes you different? Do you have a specific style?

Simply put me. I’m the difference, my perception of reality, and my unique creative process. As photographers, we all have our own version of editing, shooting style, vision, etc. Since I typically shoot portraits, I try to keep in mind the surrounding location, colors, and texture that I can use. I prefer to shoot at low or high angles, up close, off to the side. I’ve had a vibrant color palette thus far but I’m constantly changing and learning new things about the craft. 

What are you currently working on?

I had [an] idea to go back to a spot I shot last year with the same people. This giant bridge I went to in the winter was amazing, other than extreme cold, I got some really good shots with a clear blue sky. So I want to go back for the fall and shoot in more desaturated colors and use what I’ve learned in the last few months to see how I can make an even more interesting and captivating image using the same location, and individuals. Nothing too crazy yet but I do have a few projects in the works with some really dope creatives. 

NEXT UP : Demetric Beirne. Model: @firstround.pick
Model: @firstround.pick

What do you aim to do/be futuristic?

In all honesty, I want to continue to make art for me and anybody who’s willing to be a part of it. I hope to keep making dope projects with dope people until I have an opportunity to work on some large-scale projects. Filmmaking, directing, animating, writing stories, and music videos, I have tons of things I want to do with and without the lens. [I always] keep new ideas flowing and hopefully inspire others to make there own beautiful dope art. But right now, I’m working on my 10,000 hours of photography.

NEXT UP : Demetric Beirne. Model: @alexiss_dayy
Model: @alexiss_dayy

Lastly, what are you currently listening to?

"Ghost" by Mick Jenkins (Listen on Apple Music or Spotify)

"Demons" by Leed (Listen on Apple Music or Spotify)

"Strawberry Swisher, Pt. 1" by Dance Gavin Dance (Listen on Apple Music or Spotify)

"Artificial" by EARTHGANG (Listen on Apple Music or Spotify)

Don't forget to look into more of Demetric Beirne's work on Instagram.

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