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Hip-Hop Musician

Origin: Miami, Florida

NEXT UP : ASIRI. Photography by Dreina Bautista


November's Next Up artist is the upcoming south Florida rapper, ASIRI. He recently released his an EP, "In The Night" and he will be performing at the 1 AM Vibes Art Basel event on December 9th. Learn more about him below. 

Let’s start off with the name ASIRI. How did you come about that name? When I first started doing music, I just had the words enigma and 2021 told to me. Enigma means mystery and I was using the word "mystery" but wanted to say it differently and while I was scrolling online I saw the name and fell in love with it.

NEXT UP : ASIRI. Photography by Dreina Bautista

When did you realize that music was your passion? How did you get into it? Music has been my passion since I was 3. That’s because I played the piano, but making music became my passion in high school. This group of friends I had, we always free-styled and just studied the game. Months later after doing it we kinda said fuck it lets do it. The guy that got me really into it his name is @slimdavinci. This is also

when TGO was formed.

NEXT UP : ASIRI. Photography by Dreina Bautista

How would you describe TGO to someone who doesn't know?

TGO is a group of talented individuals on “THE GREAT ODYSSEY”. Producers, photographers, everything. We’re a group of individuals that are unified through the group.

You’re from Miami but you’ve traveled to other places. How has that impacted you in your music? The only impact traveling has had is the freedom to go to a studio whenever and just record all the time. I got more practice with my voice. Besides, the locations don’t really do much to me.

Tell us a little bit about your most recent EP, "In The Night".

In the night was 4 songs I was able to record and release from my debut mixtape, "3 AM". There’s a big gap between "In The Night" and "3 AM" and I didn’t want to wait that long to drop music because I was doing all these shows and performing the music without anything released.

NEXT UP : ASIRI. Photography by Dreina Bautista

Who would you want to work with in the future? In the future, I wanna work with 6lack, Bryson tiller, Tory Lanez, Drake, Joey bada$$, Travis, Don Toliver, oh so many people really. I do so many different styles. My list honestly goes on forever.

What’s next for ASIRI? 3 new singles, and more. New collabs, finishing up 3 AM, and releasing my first video ever!

What are you currently listening to? (One or two tracks)

I’m currently listening to Fallback by Tory Lanez (Listen on Apple Music or Spotify) and Skedos by Smino (Listen on Apple Music or Spotify) but a bunch of projects just dropped so let’s see!

Artwork by La Reinarde. Interview by Dreina Bautista.

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