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Our mission is to ultimately open eyes and put things into a different perspective, hence our whole motto of “Showcase  -> Experience -> Impact”. We showcase art. We experience art. We impact individuals and the industry.

Consuming all of this is and has always been extremely difficult and traumatic for all of us. It’s been happening for ages. We’ve been aware and it’s nothing new. The technology we have now has raised more awareness and helped spread the cause, thankfully, but there has yet to be any change. So how are we able to prosper in this continuous cycle of hatred and injustice? 

I’ve been thinking about how I can possibly help out. I’m personally tired of speaking up and saying the same stuff repeatedly. Tired of scrolling, seeing a new hashtag, crying, and posting. Tired of seeing hate and violence. I’m tired of seeing innocent people get hurt and/or murdered. We all are and we have been crying & yearning. And I refuse to sit here every day and not do a thing.

For those of you who don’t know: while home, since March, I’ve been nonstop dj’ing and practicing every day. I’ve been learning since October 2019 but during this time I’ve literally been in my basement every night. If you know me, music has always been a coping mechanism and I know it can be healing for others as well. Art won’t be the solution but it can be used to transcend our voices.

So, we decided to create "LIVE HUMAN", a live-streaming experience, and movement. The point is to encourage artists to take action by live-streaming with us, showcase their work, and continue to spread their voices. Let’s collectively use art to heal us and to teach others. We have a voice and we need not be silent. Art gives us the power to communicate society's memories.

We will be on Twitch at 7 PM - 9 PM EST every Saturday performing and showcasing art. Starting Saturday (JUNE 6), La Reinarde will be doing DJ sets. We welcome artists to come on our live-stream but only if they please so email us here if you'd like to take part. Let’s get together, spread awareness, and raise money with the use of art for our communities. All proceeds will be donated to the Equal Justice Initiative. To those who would like to donate to bail funds, you can donate here to different communities across the nation. We've also attached more resources below!

Lastly, and seriously I beg of you, please stay safe and strong. Don't stop using your voice and never stop fighting for your human rights! This will not end today. We fall together, we stand together. PEACE & LOVE.

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