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"Longing for U" by spaulv


Best New Single : "Longing for U" by spaulv

spaulv returns with three new tracks but they are nowhere near what you had probably expected. The tracks each come with a story.

He explains, "the story is essentially about a man that is planning on going on vacation with his wife, but she’s not packing for the trip; she’s packing to leave him. “Phillip” is upset by this and tries to reason with “Cathy” but she’s already made up her mind. Phillip ends up killing Cathy at the end of "Longing for U". "Masht" takes place after Phillip has killed Cathy and he’s in shock at what he’s done, but as anyone crazy enough to kill someone is, he had an idea to cover up the murder. He planned to use her trunk to ship her body off to the cabin where their vacation was to be. At the end of "Masht", there’s a little monologue about “The Unexpected” because in "Rain" Phillip thinks he’s been caught. His next-door neighbor, who’s a cop, rings his doorbell out of nowhere. Phillip thinks he’s been caught, but in the actual radio show its just miscommunication and Phillip tells the cop guy he killed Cathy when he could’ve gotten away with it"

spaulv's progress through his sound definitely sticks out. His use of sampling in order to convey a story is fresh and spontaneous, which makes you wonder what's next for him.

But while we wait, give the new track(s) a listen below and experience the story yourself.

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