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"Left Eye" by Daylan Gideon


Best New Music: "Left Eye" by Daylan Gideon

Daylan Gideon returns with "Left Eye" since his last project, "4 My Dawgs." This is his first single from his upcoming EP, "The Show Must Go On".

Born and raised in Georgia, the rapper has been in the underground scene for the last couple of years. He is influenced by the upbringings of Kendrick Lamar and Pharrell.

Photographed by Corey Ross, Daylan Gideon sits in front of a burnt house as he makes the connection to Andre Rison's burned down house caused by Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes. The song is released 17 years after the tragic death of Lisa Lopes. Throughout the song, Daylan Gideon reflects on his previous summer with friends.

His upcoming EP is expected to be released in the summer and is dedicated to his cousin who recently passed away, Phlow. The EP is entirely produced by Young Wavy.

Listen to "Left Eye" below.

Producer: Young Wavy - @1youngwavy

Photographer: Corey Ross - @karelesskorey

Artist: Daylan Gideon - @daylangideon

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