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We’ve made a playlist filled with music from artists that we’ve featured on Nite X. Regularly updated!

Listen below:

A reminder that we’re always looking for more artists of any creative medium to feature, so please let us know which segment you’re interested in by email!


“Fancy Shoes” - spaulv

“News Report” – Tora

“Swnerve” (feat. Petite Noir) - Cid Rim

“Koibito” - Zaniyah

“First Steps” - Educacion

“I'll Keep You Safe” – Asiri

“Crash” - Pierre Casso

“Back Again” - Maxxine

“Tim Burton” - Camphouse Jay

“Starboi” - Daylan Gideon

“Waves” - Mike Melinoe

“ORIGAMI” - OKAY! KENJI & Jarren Benton

“Beautiful Chaos” (feat. Prince Justice, Neyram & Trust Tate) - Saint Alexvnder

“Be Yourself” - Qil

“Pacifist” - Kay Bridges

“Drift” - K-Si Yang

“Millas” - Josue Lora

“Trouble” - Cam Avery

“Fall Again” - Brandon Alexander

“Where Am I Going” - Frances Claire

“San Francisco” - Honestly

“Love Sacrifice” - Electric Neon Clouds

“One Life” - BIJOU & Kaleena Zanders

“Count on U” - Berlin Taxi

“Be Nice 2 Me (I'm Shy)” – Thomie

“Drive” - Ray Silvers

“Monday Mourning” - Drex Carter

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