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Where do we even begin? So much has occurred in 2020. We like to believe we had our eyes and ears wide open and we didn't stop pushing through. Plus, after the rain, comes the rainbow. This year is perfectly explained in this quote by

Alfredo Jaar:

"I think that all art is socially conscious. There is no alternative. Whatever we produce contains a political and social statement. There's no way to avoid that unless it is pure decoration. But even pure decoration has also some value because you can read pure decoration as a way to ignore the reality that is around us, saying, 'Well, I'm not interested. I just like to paint this wall blue.'"

With that being said, we wanted to showcase our growth and achievements. This year we started our "In Conversation" Podcast, which gave us the opportunity to bring our in-depth conversations to your ears. We are so excited to bring more of this in 2021. Check who we have featured here.

We had the opportunity to showcase plenty of upcoming artists and new music throughout the year. Below are some of the artists that we showcased throughout the year:

Along with our 2020 playlist, we wanted to showcase 10 albums that impacted us most this year. Most of these albums we listen to when we're creating. Here they are below:

Sasha Sloan

Only Child




Miss Anthropocene

Yves Tumor

Heaven To a Tortured Mind

Alexandra Savior

The Archer

Bruno Major

To Let A Good Thing Die

Ela Minus

acts of rebellion

The Neighbourhood

Chip Chrome & the Mono-Tones

Lastly, as per usual, our end of the year gift to you is a playlist of our favorite songs of the year. Listen below on Apple Music or Spotify:

We took 2020 slow and focused more on the present. We know we haven't released as much as we usually do, but, as per usual, just know that we are working hard on our upcoming projects. Plus, what's the rush? Creativity takes precious time and we believe in quality over quantity.

Ultimately, we would like to give a major thank you to you for your support. 2021 will be filled with even more awakenings, art, creativity, and growth. We are excited to show you what we have in store (starting this month). Cheers to new beginnings. Happy holidays and have a happy new year!


Nite X

La Reinarde

Madison Everett

Petty Candia

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