March 2020

We've started two new segments: 


"Friends": Here we'll be showcasing artists we personally know and love and updating you on their new work. 


"Energy": Mixes curated by fellow producers and DJs, hence delivering energy.

October 2019

We are currently working on a lot of big projects so we excuse being in hiding for the rest of the year. We cannot wait to deliver it all!

August 2019

We are having our first networking event in Brooklyn on August 23rd from 4 PM - 8 PM! We invite you to come and meet new people, interact with all types of artists and shoot on the spot. Most importantly, we would love to meet you! Tickets are $5 at the door or register beforehand.

Additionally, we have started a new series, "& I Create." Here, we will work with artists letting them create their own feature giving them a platform to express themselves freely about their art and through their art. 

July 2019

We have expanded the "Next Up" series adding live interview and our new series, "Discussions" will be coming soon.

June 2019

We have removed our film series, Assembly, the segment  "Playlists," and, lastly, our record label. These will all be back soon.

March 2019

We welcome our first artist of Nite X Records: Gene.

November 2018

We welcome two new creatives to the Nite X team, Madison Everett and Juanyae Stallings.

October 2018

A new segment has been added to NXTV, Best New Music. Here, we highlight new music from upcoming artists.

August 2018

A new segment has been added to our media blog, Playlists. 

These are extra curated playlists. These playlists are different from the ones on Nites because they are based on activities, not concepts.


Additionally, our first film series, Assembly, is out now.

May 2018

A new segment has been added, Next Up. Here, we will feature upcoming creatives that plan to impact the world with their artistry.

March 2018

We are happy to announce our first art display. We will be at the 2018 Feminist Summit on March 22nd and 24th, which will be located at Florida International University.


We intend to release a Nite on the 15th. Our main objective is to unite people towards gender inclusivity and introduce new perspectives about the challenges that women face.


We hope to see you there, and if not, enjoy it from a distance.


Happy Women's History Month!

January 2018

We have expanded to new platforms for our playlists. You can now find us on Spotify and Apple Music.


Feel free to follow us on either, or maybe even both. 


Happy New Year!

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